1. Screen cleaning

    Before placing the screen protector: please clean the display of your device carefully using a microfibre cleaning cloth.

  2. Preparation for the installation

    Please peel away about 1/3 of the support material.
    ATTENTION: Please do not touch the adhesive part of the screen protector.
    Now align the screen protector carefully on the top of the screen. Be careful that you place the screen protector exactly 100%.

  3. Fixation of the screen protector

    Please fix slowly the rest of the screen protector. Get a credit card or similar to help to fix it. At the same time, remove the rest of the support material.
    BE CAREFUL: In case of appearing air bubbles you can use a credit card or similar and push the air bubbles that form out to the edges of the screen protector.

General information:

To ensure an optimal adherence, the screen protector for convex screen is reduced so that an accuracy at 100% cannot be guaranteed.