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2 x Slabo armor screen protector iPhone XS | X S screen protection protective film (reduced dimensions of the screen protectors due to a curved display) "Shockproof" CLEAR - invisible MADE IN GERMANY

EAN/GTIN: 4260584563841


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ATTENTION: This order contains slightly reduced screen protectors, which are especially adapted to the interior surface of your screen.
A 100 % accuracy of fit might deteriorate adhesion characteristics due to the curved display!

2 x iPhoneXS | i Phone X S armor screen protector by SLABO

Extreme protection
The original Slabo iPhone XS | X S armor screen protector for your iPhone XS | X S is extraordinarily scratch-resistant against impacts. The iPhone XS | X S armor screen protector protects your display especially from signs of wear and use.

Exceptionally thin
Compared to tempered glass, armor glass or a screen protector made with real glass with a hard of 9H this armor screen protector is minimally thicker than a conventional plastic screen protector.

Because of the very smooth surface iPhone XS | X S screen protectors there will be considerably less fingerprints (Anti-fingerprints) on the screen.
(In comparison of not using a screen protector.)

Easy to be aplied and removed without any traces
The hard coated PET screen protector iPhone XS | X S sticks without using adhesives and does not leave any traces on your display. In addition the screen protector can be removed any time.

Contour accuracy
Slabo screen protectors are measured directly on the original device. The screen protector is produced specifically for your iPhone XS | X S.

No reductions
Of course, the iPhone XS | X S armor screen protector does not disturb the quality and operation of your touchscreen.

Easy and bubble-free installation
The installation of the armor iPhone XS | X S protective cover is very easy and without any bubbles.

Break-resistant material
In contrast to a tempered glass protector there is no danger of splintering or sharp edges.

Quality product

Including installation instructions
All Slabo screen protectors are delivered with installation instructions.
Package Measurements:
  • Weight: 10,30g
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