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Slabo Charge Cable Micro USB for OUKITEL C11 | OUKITEL C11 Pro | OUKITEL K7 Pro Data Cable Connection Cable Sync Cable - BLACK | BLACK

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Charge Cable Micro USB by Slabo

USB to Micro USB
The Slabo Charging Cable Micro USB has a USB A plug and a Micro USB B plug. With a length of 1 m you do not have to worry any more of a too short or strained cable. So you can connect your OUKITEL C11 | OUKITEL C11 Pro | OUKITEL K7 Pro easily.

Powerful connection
The fast USB 2.0 Data Cable allows a data transmission up to 480Mbit/s. So you can easily upload large amount of data from your OUKITELC11 | OUKITEL C11Pro | OUKITELK7 Pro to your PC. Furthermore you can charge with the Charging USB Cable your OUKITEL C 11 | OUKITELC11Pro | OUKITEL K7Pro quickly and easily.

Mobile helper
The Slabo Charging Micro USB Cable is ideal not only at home but also for stays abroad because you are independent of the typical power supply system of the country and you do not need a special power plug.

Universal usable
With this Charge Cable you can charge and synchronize your OUKITEL C11 | OUKITEL C11 Pro | OUKITEL K7 Pro quickly at the same time on a PC or another power source.

Technical Data:
  • USB-A Plug to Micro USB-B Plug
  • Charging function
  • Supply voltage via USB connection
  • Length: 1m
  • Colour: black
Package Measurements:
  • Weight: 25,84g
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