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Slabo charging cable USB Type C for Wileyfox Swift 2X data connection cable sync cable - BLACK

EAN/GTIN: 4260485611962

Carging and data cable USB 3.0 Type C from Slabo

The Slabo Charging Cable USB Type C has a USB-A plug and a USB-C plug. With a length of 1m, you will not have to worry about a too short or too tight cable. This will allow you to connect your Wileyfox Swift 2X conveniently.

Powerful Connection
The very fast 3.0 USB data cable allows a data transfer of up to 5 Gbit/s. This will allow you to easily load huge amounts of data from your Wileyfox Swift 2X to your PC in no time. Furthermore, charge your Wileyfox Swift 2X quickly and easily with the USB charging cable.

Mobile Helper
The cable USB Type C is ideal not only for the home, but also for trips abroad, as they are independent of the typical power grid and do not need a special power plug.

Universally applicable
With this data cable, you can quickly sync your Wileyfox Swift 2X and charge it with your PC or other power source at the same time.

Technical Specifications:
- USB-A male to USB-C male
- Transmission speed: USB 3.0 with up to 5 Gbit/s
- Charging Function
- Supply voltage via USB port
- Length: 1m
- Colour: black

Dimensie van de afpakking:
  • Zwaarte: 33,94g
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